FileDict - Persistent Dictionary

FileDict is a dictionary interface I wrote, that saves and loads its data from a file using keys. Current version uses Sqlite3 to provide consistency, and as a by-product, acidity.

The result is a dictionary which at all-times exists as a file, has virtually no size limit, and can be accessed by several processes concurrently.

It is meant as a quick-and-simple general-purpose solution. It is rarely the best solution, but it is usually good enough.

Performance obviously cannot compare to the builtin dictionary, but it is reasonable and of low complexity (refer to sqlite for more details on that).

(source code available in attached files)


FileDict can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Saving important data in a convinient manner
  • Managing large amounts of data in dictionary form, without the mess of implementing paging or other complex solutions
  • Communication between processes (sqlite supports multiple connections and implements ACID)




$ python
>>> import snippets
>>> filedict = snippets.get('filedict')
>>> d=filedict.FileDict(filename="example.dict")
>>> d['bla'] = 10
>>> d[(2,1)] = ['hello', (1,2) ]
-- exit --
$ python
>>> import snippets
>>> filedict = snippets.get('filedict')
>>> d=filedict.FileDict(filename="example.dict")
>>> print d['bla']
>>> print d.items()
[['bla', 10], [(2, 1), ['hello', (1, 2)]]]
>>> print dict(d)
{'bla': 10, (2, 1): ['hello', (1, 2)]}
>>> d=filedict.FileDict(filename="try.dict")
>>> with d.batch:  # using .batch suspend commits, making a batch of changes quicker
>>>    for i in range(100000):
>>>            d[i] = i**2
(takes about 8 seconds on my comp)
>>> print len(d)
>>> del d[103]
>>> print len(d)


  • All data (keys and values) must be pickle-able
  • Keys must be hashable


Additions in the future may include:

  • An LRU-cache for fetching entries
  • A storage strategy different than Sqlite

Other suggestions?


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